The Retail Ireland Skillnet program offers nationally and internationally recognised educational programmes and on the job training for retail staff.

Educational Programmes
Designed and delivered in collaboration with Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LyIT), Retail Ireland Skillnet offers two degree level and one masters level course. These programmes are delivered by LYIT lecturers and industry experts. With LyITs expertise in work-based learning, these programmes achieve an ideal balance of theory and practice.
Programmes include:

  1. Managing and mentoring people (Level 7)
  2. Managerial behaviour and effectiveness (Level 7)
  3. Degree in retail management practice (Level 7)
  4. Executive masters of business in innovation and leadership (Level 9)


Training Programmes

The Retail Ireland Skillnet program offers certified on the job training for retail staff. This training has been developed by retailers for retailers with participants receiving a level 5 qualification.
It is proven to deliver results, in terms of:

  • increasing productivity levels
  • improved customer service and product knowledge
  • introduction to modern retail technology
  • improved staff morale
  • reduction in turnover and absenteeism levels

The modules have been developed to meet the core business needs of every retail outlet. The training material that is provided is generic in terms of retail operation, examples used vary from grocery retailing, to fashion and footwear, to electrical, and even furniture retailing. Companies may wish to alter this or tailor it making it company specific, which can be done in agreement with the Retail Skillnet team.


Initially at least one member of your management / supervisory team must be trained as a trainer / assessor. This person should ideally already be involved in training staff and / or assessing their performance on the job. The trained assessor then distributes the training material to members of his / her organisation. As the program gathers momentum you may decide to train more assessors, perhaps one per department. The assessor training takes the form of a one day workshop, however there is much more in terms of support included in the cost. Trained Assessors receive a level 6 advanced certificate upon successful completion of the training.

When you purchase a module you will receive a folder which contains all information for the trainer and the candidate, and a CD which allows the company to produce the relevant material as and when they need it, meaning that a module essentially only needs to be purchased once.

In total there are 9 modules to choose from:

  1. Retail customer service
  2. Retail communications
  3. Retail selling
  4. Retail security
  5. Retail display
  6. Safety and health at work
  7. Work experience
  8. Warehousing
  9. Personal effectiveness

As a company, you may decide to work through all the modules. Alternatively you may decide to select individual modules to target areas where there is greatest need or where you do not already have a training tool, e.g. retail selling or retail security. How the program is structured within your business is entirely your decision. An employee will receive a certificate for each completed module, however they must complete 8 modules including: Communication, Work Experience and Safety and Health at work if they are to achieve the overall Occupational Qualification in Retailing.

As with the assessor costs, the costs for each candidate going through significantly reduce as the numbers increase. Please contact us for further information on the costs.