Topics Covered

  • Management and the Organisational Setting
  • Managing Individuals
  • Delegation
  • Work Groups and Teams
  • Human Resource Management
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Change and Innovation

The programme can be delivered over 2 x 2 day blocks (10am-4pm).

The aim of this module is to introduce learners to the various behavioural aspects of the organisational setting and how these can be managed effectively. An understanding of the behaviour of individuals and groups within the organisational setting and emerging issues pertaining to both is an essential role of modern managers. This module aims to equip learners with the requisite skills to effectively manage both individuals and groups in the workplace, ensuring the efficient running of the organisation.

This course is aimed at all levels of managers who are responsible for managing individuals or teams on a daily basis.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to:

  1. Critically evaluate the factors that are shaping modern management and the requisite skills necessary to manage individuals and groups in the organisation as a result
  2. Describe the various factors impacting the behaviour of individuals in the organisational setting
  3. Evaluate how effective delegation occurs in the organisational setting
  4. Differentiate between groups and teams in the workplace and explain how groups can be developed into effective teams
  5. Explain the process by which managers identify and select competent employees
  6. Describe the relationship between employee rewards and performance in the workplace
  7. Explain how managers can effectively manage the processes of change and innovation in the workplace

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Lettekenny Institute of Technology
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