The Retail Ireland Skillnet program offers certified on the job training for retail staff. Our retail occupational qualifications have been developed by retailers for retailers with participants receiving a level 5 qualification.

It is proven to deliver results, in terms of:

  • increasing productivity levels
  • improved customer service and product knowledge
  • introduction to modern retail technology
  • improved staff morale
  • reduction in turnover and absenteeism levels

In total there are 10 modules to choose from:

Retail Customer Service

The Retail Customer Service module focuses on the importance of the customer to the business, and highlights that Customer Service is a policy that is adopted by all stores who want to retain their existing customers and encourage new customers to visit the store. Find out more.

Retail Selling 

Equips learners with the skills necessary to inform customers, handle objections and close sales. Find out more.

Retail Digital Marketing

The Retail Digital Marketing courses aims to create Digital Ambassadors which are equipped with the knowledge to deal with customers effectively and efficiently. The course supports retailers’ cultural transformation to omni-channel retailing. Find out more.

Safety and Health at Work

The Safety and Health at Work module is designed to assist candidates to achieve Level 5 Health and Safety at Work Certificate. Find out more.

Retail Communications

The Retail Communications module equips the employee with excellent communication skills so as to improve encounters with customers, colleagues, suppliers, distributors, media and any other body. Find out more.

Retail Security

The Retail Security module aims to increase staff awareness in relation to Retail Security and these staff members are the first line of defence in the fight against retail crime. Find out more.

Retail Display

The Retail Display module highlights the importance of the merchandising effort within the store, and focuses on the impact that merchandising can have on sales and profitability. Find out more.


The Warehousing module provides an insight into the key aspects of stock control (as outlined above), highlighting the importance of Stock Control in overall business operations. Find out more.

Personal Effectiveness

The personal effectiveness module focuses on the key relationships within the workplace, such as that between employee and employer. Find out more.

Work Experience

The Work Experience module allows the employee to recognise their own skills, develop new skills, make decisions about future job direction and to progress within the retail sector. Find out more.