The retail sector has become highly knowledge intensive and requires employees to have a wide variety of skills in areas such as customer service, technology, communications, sales, and marketing. With the influx of more international retail organisations operating in Ireland, employers now more than ever need to invest in their people.

The positive results enjoyed by retailers participating in the training are clearly evident in their stores; some of the benefits which retailers report include:
• Increased sales
• Increased productivity
• Better customer service
• Better use of modern retail technology
• Increased staff morale

Retailers also report that since the introduction of the training in store, there are lower levels of staff turnover and absenteeism. The training all takes place in the workplace, during normal working hours, therefore the employees can apply their training on the job, on an on-going basis.

The training is cost effective and can be delivered at a time and at a pace that suits both the employer and employees. The training is monitored and evaluated by Retail Ireland Skillnet staff to ensure that the standards are maintained across the retail sector.

All our Training courses are Work Based Learning programmes relying on assessments that should relate directly to making immediate improvements on the shop floor. We only use professional and experienced trainers and all our programmes are designed in conjunction with industry best practices

We have a wide range of training options accredited from level 3 on the National Framework of Qualifications right up to level 9 (Masters level).

“Training is vital in retail. It is so important that our staff and managers are always professional when dealing with our customer, and that they have a full understanding of the products they are expected to sell and of the high standard of customer service that Kilkenny are known for. The more time we invest in training our staff and managers the more confident they become. Consequently, they enjoy what they do more and get a lot more out of their job.

We use Retail  Skillnet when training new staff members and to further train our existing staff. Everyone benefits from  Retail Ireland Skillnet training, from staff members to management, therefore leading to an obvious benefit for the company. Retail Ireland Skillnet provide on-the-floor training in the job they will be expected to perform on a day-to-day basis and the bonus for the staff member is they get a certificate in recognition for the training. The modules cover a wide range of important topics in retail from customer service, to selling skills to health and safety to managing and mentoring people. They are designed to get staff thinking more about the common situations that arise during a typical working day which they can then discuss between themselves.”

Michelle O Gorman, Area Manager, Kilkenny Group