Main themes

  • Quality Standards
  • Performance
  • Optimising Productivity
  • Forming and Maintaining professional working relationships

It is essential that all staff members operate the business according to the policy guidelines laid down by the company. To do this effectively staff must co-operate fully with one another, not only for the benefit of the customer, but also the business. It is important to remember that staff are internal customers, who are extremely important for the running, promotion and sustainability of the business.

In order to work effectively staff need to be able to evaluate the working relationships which they have with their colleagues and employers. To do this they must take an overall view of their position in the workplace—this is known as a 360 degree view—as they take into account their working relationships with all the people they come into contact with on a daily basis; not just those within their own department, but staff in other departments, suppliers and management. This is important in retail as when relationships between staff members function effectively, the business also benefits.

The Personal Effectiveness module focuses on the key relationships within the workplace, such as that between employee and employer. It encourages staff to focus on their attitudes and behaviours in the workplace with a view to improving effective communication and working relationships within the business.


Name of Awarding Body: Quality and Qualifications Ireland QQI

Title of Programme: Personal Effectiveness

QQI Code: 5N1390

This programme is a QQI component (minor) award, certified at Level 5 on the national framework of qualifications – see  and is one of 8 components of major award 5M2105 – Retail Practice.