Good customer service is essential in order to send the customers away with positive feelings towards the company and those who work in it. Therefore, Customer Service is one of the most important parts of a sales assistant’s job. The only way to ensure that the service delivered is of the required standard is through effective training and on-going assessment.

The Retail Customer Service module focuses on the importance of the customer to the business, and highlights that Customer Service is a policy that is adopted by all stores who want to retain their existing customers and encourage new customers to visit the store. It emphasises that the customer should be the focus of the staff efforts and the company should endeavour to provide every customer with the best shopping experience through excellent customer service.

In any business, the customer is the most important person.  Without customers, profits will collapse and the business will ultimately fail.

Name of Awarding Body: Quality and Qualifications Ireland QQI

Title of Programme: Retail Customer Service

QQI Code: 5N0972

This programme is a QQI component (minor) award, certified at Level 5 on the national framework of qualifications – see  and is one of 8 components of major award 5M2105 – Retail Practice.

Main themes

  • Principles of good customer service
  • Implementing customer service
  • Internal and external customer service
  • Body language
  • Resolving customer complaints
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Improving business operations
  • Customer surveys
  • Acting on results from customer surveys
  • Consumer legislation
  • Implementing change

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