Main themes

  • Preparation for the receipt of goods
  • Accepting goods for storage
  • Health and safety
  • Dealing with discrepancies
  • Storage requirements
  • Appropriate placement and storage of goods
  • Retrieving and dispatching goods from stock

Stock control is a very important part of any retail operation. However, there are huge variations in the procedures, systems and policies which exist in the retail sector.

The key aspects of receipt, storage, retrieval and dispatch of goods are critical to the successful operation of the business. Therefore it is critical that staff are aware of stock control procedures and carry out these in an effective manner.
The Warehousing module provides an insight into the key aspects of stock control (as outlined above), highlighting the importance of Stock Control in overall business operations.

“Training here in Cashel is going really well. We have one module completed since October and have just started another one (Safety & Health in the Workplace)—it is working really well. We give ourselves two mornings a week from 9.30-10am to sit down and go over the training. This is working well for us as we have one month to finish it.

The girls are interested and showing great enthusiasm for the module we are doing now. We have made a list of what we are doing for the next modules and the girls are looking forward to getting the certificates and being qualified at FETAC Level 5. The girls are happy that they are getting a certificate for the work. The fact that they are getting qualifications for something that they are doing every day and getting time in the working day to do it makes it even better. FETAC Level 5 Certificates are highly regarded and something that the girls will always have”.

Rachel Colohan, Assessor , Kilkenny Group, Cashel

Name of Awarding Body: Quality and Qualifications Ireland QQI

Title of Programme: Warehousing

QQI Code: 5N2725

This programme is a QQI component (minor) award, certified at Level 5 on the national framework of qualifications – see  and is one of 8 components of major award 5M2105 – Retail Practice.