As a retailer, do you think your staff feels appreciated and recognised? The vast majority of today’s workers report that they are overworked and underappreciated. Most retail employees – regardless of current position – have ambitions for a more senior level than where they currently stand. The challenge is that we are so busy keeping

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit…

Unless you have been living under a stone, you will have heard all about the seemingly shocking decision the UK has made to leave the EU. So lets take a look at things one week later: The Irish Times has looked at the post-Brexit aftermath from the perspecive of four key metrics: shares, currencies, bonds
While the rest of the world jumps into Brexit post-mortem debates, here’s something unrelated to lighten up today’s sombre mood. Take this 2 minute quiz to find out what type of retail manager you are.
Despite the fact that Ireland is home to many of the big internet companies such Ebay and Google, many of our domestic small and medium enterprises are lacking an online presence. A large proportion of potential business is being lost to international and UK retailers. (More here) According to a digital scorecard issued by the
Letterkenny Institute of Technology welcomed HRH The Prince of Wales to the campus last week and Retail Ireland Skillnet got a front row seat!! As Retail Ireland Skillnet’s main office is based at LyIT’s CoLabs (the incubation and innovation centre for the North West) this was an exceptional opportunity to get out of the office
We are now accepting applications for our Degree in Retail Management Practice which will commence this September! This degree programme gives employee’s the opportunity to turn their notion of a ‘job in a shop’ into a professional retail qualification! Our work-based Degree is flexible and affordable and enables students to work full-time while gaining their
Now that we know why retailers should engage in social media (click here for more), where do we start and which social media platforms are most suitable for retailers? Facebook is a great place to engage with existing customers and offer sales and promotions. With a billion people using Facebook worldwide the potential of this
Why should retailers engage in social media? If retailers are able to connect with consumers on social media they increase their visibility with an audience that’s already inclined to buy their products. Using social media can help retailers build brand awareness and extend the amount of time potential customers spend interacting, browsing and considering a

Leadership Course To Start Soon!

There are still spaces available for our Leadership Course in Managerial Behaviour & Effectiveness which is due to commence on Tuesday 10th May. This certified Level 7 course is aimed at all levels of managers who are responsible for managing individuals or teams on a daily basis. It will be delivered over 2 x 2
The UK will hold a referendum on June 23 to decide if it will stay in or leave the European Union. At present the debate is a close one with just over half at present favouring a ‘stay’ vote. So what would it mean for the Irish Retail Sector if Britain were to withdraw from