Our sixth annual Retail Study Tour was recently held on 27th and& 28th of September where London’s top retailers opened up their doors to deliver an inspiring and insightful experience for our attendees. The focus this year was on ‘Digital Innovation in Retail’, with an aim to shed light on how the most modern retails in

Valentine’s Day in Ireland

What do Irish people really think of Valentine’s Day? And how does the average Irish person splash out on their significant other? The article below, published today by businessworld.ie has some interesting insights!… In a recent survey conducted by iReach Insights, 1,000 adults were asked about Valentine’s day and their view on Valentine’s day and plans for the
The Irish Independent has published a list of Ireland’s best bargains ahead of Black Friday 2016, which is set to fall this coming Friday, 25th November. This is reportedly the biggest sales day of the year for Irish retailers – and consumers! So being well informed could be well worth it in saving you some

Graduation Day is Here!

It’s graduation day at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology! Today, Friday 28th of October, will see 82 students (yes 82!) graduate through the Degree and Masters classes which are developed and delivered by Retail Ireland Skillnet in conjunction with the LyIT. 57 will receive their Degree in Retail Management Practice A further 10 will receive
Retail Ireland’s annual Retail Summit will be held next Thursday – October 6th at the Guinness Storehouse. This year the Summit is focused on the Omnichannel Challenge…retailer’s don’t miss out! On the agenda The contemporary and future consumer How to execute the complete retail omnichannel strategy The best-in-class models for further education and continuous upskilling
Last week, the team at Retail Ireland Skillnet brought a delegate of retailers to visit some of the top stores in London! This exciting Retail Study Tour focused on store operations with a particular emphasis on the iconic retailers’ omni-channel business models. The first port of call was Topshop on Oxford Street – The biggest
Look who we bumped into in Selfridges..Victoria Beckham!! The Iconic Selfridges  Topshop Oxford Street The team at the Fashion Retail Academy Networking Dinner By the Thames Network Manager Sean and Chairperson Gretta NashCadden with John Lewis Head Ruth Sharvona
It’s that time of year again! On Monday we welcomed 62 new candidates for our Degree in Retail Management Practice – marking the programme’s 5th consecutive year running. The number of applicants for the Degree this year was exceptional with candidates traveling from all over the country to the classroom at Dublin’s IPA. Paul Healy
A job in the retail sector can mean a sustainable and satisfying career path with many development opportunities along the way. So why is investing in skills for young retail employees so important? Why should employers be bothered? Click here to find out more. (Here’s our favourite quote from the article:) “Retailers can be effective

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit…

Unless you have been living under a stone, you will have heard all about the seemingly shocking decision the UK has made to leave the EU. So lets take a look at things one week later: The Irish Times has looked at the post-Brexit aftermath from the perspecive of four key metrics: shares, currencies, bonds