Skillnet Ireland fosters an enterprise led approach to workforce development with its primary objective being to increase participation in enterprise-led training by companies.

Skillnet Ireland

It is evident through much research that companies that train and up-skill their workforce, are those that can remain competitive in both a domestic and international context. The process of determining training needs and co-ordinating the delivery of training, is primarily owned by the enterprise groups engaged with Skillnet Ireland. Retail Ireland became a member of the Skillnet Network in 2000 with the primary aim of providing training and education programmes for the retail sector.

Since 2000, we have provided training support to over 1,000 retail companies and 20,000 retail employees.  Retail Ireland Skillnet is funded by Training Networks Programme, an initiative of Skillnets Ltd, which itself is funded by the National Training Fund and supported by the Department of Education and Skills.  In addition, Retail Ireland Skillnet is funded by Ibec member companies.

Skillnet Ireland operates under a joint investment model, part-funded by matching contributions from participating businesses in our learning networks. This approach has received international recognition as a model of best practice from the OECD and ILO, amongst others.

Retail Ireland Skillnet run programmes under:

  • Training Networks Programmes (TNP) is the main Skillnet Ireland training programme which supports training across a wide range of areas and sectors.
  • Employment Activation Programme (EAP) is a 100% government funded initiative aimed solely at training unemployed people. It provides skills which are in demand by industry, combined with direct access to employers through securing a work placement.