As the third biggest sector in Ireland, employing 280,000 retail workers, Retail Ireland works to future proof the retail sector by continually monitoring and advising Government, media and other stakeholders on shifting industry trends.

Retail Ireland

Retail contributes €30 billion in total sales and 14% of national employment, given this significant economic contribution it is essential that the sector retains its ability to grow, create jobs and deliver value and choice to Irish consumers.

There are massive changes afoot within the Irish retail sector which has been triggered by globalisation, technological developments, aggressive competition and demanding consumers. Retail Ireland vision to tackle these challenges are set out in the strategy document ‘Shaping the future of Irish retail 2020’

The strategy is based around four key pillars - Competitiveness, Confidence, Careers and Community. The Retail Ireland Skillnet team are passionate about supporting retailers with the careers pillar, enabling new and existing retail employees build a career path. Our collective vision is to professionalise the industry, making retail the career of choice.

Willie O’Byrne
Managing Director, BWG Foods
Chairman, Retail Ireland
Thomas Burke
Director, Retail Ireland

Retail Ireland's 4 Pillars


Support and maintain the retail sector’s competitiveness and ability to grow, sustain jobs and deliver great value and a wide choice to the Irish consumer.


We ensure that building and maintaining consumer confidence is a primary focus for Government, the retail sector and other key stakeholders.


Retail Ireland collectively promote the critical importance of the retail sector as a great employer, providing exciting, rewarding and sustainable career path.

Retail Ireland further promotes the role and contribution the retail industry makes to enhancing and improving local communities across Ireland.

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